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BlueShieldFirearms increased the number of leads by 61% thanks to a new responsive and professional web design

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BlueShieldFirearms is a freshly founded business in Ohio that provides gun-related services like Custom Gun Orders, FFL transfers, and Gun Cleanings



 As the number of services provided by BSF grew they felt a need for a more professional website with more functionality. The new platform establishes an intuitive UX, simplified application process and allows the team to automate lead processing.

Key results achieved during this project:

– Total increase in the number of leads by 61% 

– The new website’s design removed friction from the application process for users and increased the conversion rates by 214%

– The website’s stability was fixed by transitioning to a new hosting. This improved SEO results and decreased the bounce rate by 46%

As a product of this partnership, our web design company developed a comprehensive platform that lets BlueShieldFirearms’ team achieve new results and get more clients every day.

WebLake is happy to be a partner of such a unique team and to give a level-up to her online leads!