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BeinLove increased online sales by 120% thanks to a new responsive eCommerce web design

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BeinLove is a hair care brand that specializes in hair growth products. BeinLove proudly provides all-natural, cruelty-free products handcrafted in the US for all people with all hair types in mind.



During WebLake’s definition meetings and individual niche analysis, we identified the critical needs of this project. BeinLove team needed a trouble-free platform to drive traffic from paid campaigns and spend little time on website maintenance and support while focusing on developing new product lines and marketing.

Key results achieved during this project:

– The new website’s functionality automatically manages all parts of customer actions like refunds, shipping management, discount promo codes, etc. All that’s left is to stick generated shipping label on the package and bring it to the drop-off point!

– WebLake developed a website that makes updating content as easy as updating a Facebook page! Now, the marketing team can just focus on attracting even more clients through paid channels.

– Increased organic traffic by 30% thanks to new responsive eCommerce web design and meeting all the technical industry standards

As a product of this partnership, our web design company developed a comprehensive platform that lets BeinLove team achieve new results every day in such a popular industry as beauty.

WebLake is happy to be a partner of such an ecstatic brand and to give a level-up to its online sales!